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Hair care at home

This is that rainy day that we have always been warned about ! The day that we have always been advised to save for! Except, this won’t be a day or even a week! This may be several weeks and for most people, the thought of several weeks without a hairdresser sends shivers down the spine. For some, it may well be low on your list of priorities right now and thats ok too. Simple haircare is something that we can all do and now, most of us have the time to make this part of our daily routine in order to maintain some normality amid the madness. Now, I know that you are all probably a lot more capable of hair care than you give yourself credit for so keep reading. With a lockdown in place and nowhere to go, now is the perfect opportunity to give your hair a well earned break from both heat and products. Sometimes, just a simple change like using the correct shampoo and conditioner can really improve the look and feel of your hair. Below are some tips that you might find helpful.

Over washing your hair, especially chemically treated hair can cause damage. It strips away important natural oils and proteins that help to keep the hair and scalp healthy. It’s tempting to shampoo your hair daily when you jump into the shower or bath, but try and avoid washing it more than 3 times a week.

Fine hair is best suited to a shampoo with a clear consistency. This is because there are less additives in this shampoo than the creamier types, so less to weigh the hair down. Try to use light, leave in conditioners to detangle fine hair as it tangles easily. This hair type also tends to get greasy quickly so keep your massage techniques light and do not over stimulate the sebaceous glands by rubbing at the scalp too vigorously.

Thick, coarse and curly hair requires a more hydrating shampoo. This hair type tends to be naturally drier and less greasy than other hair types and so needs a little help with hydration. Sulphate free shampoos are recommended for people with curly hair. The key ingredient in most traditional shampoos, is both salt and detergent- an effective cleanser but far too harsh for curls. This hair type should be washed 2/3 times a week as a little natural oil does it good but can also be co washed ( washed with conditioner ) to freshen it up between shampoos.

Coloured hair should also be washed less often and with a sulphate free shampoo to give the colour more longevity. After freshly colouring your hair, leave at least 72 hours before washing it again to give the cuticles time to close. This avoids disrupting the colour molecules and helps to reduce colour fade. Some colour shampoos are available with a mild colorant ingredient that can help to prolong the tone of the colour and reduce fading. A moisturising conditioner or mask should be use to soothe dry mid lengths and ends but avoid overloading the roots with heavy products as this will result in the hair looking lank and flat.

Afro hair is often very fragile and can become very dry due to its unique texture. This type of hair can often suffer from product build up and breakage due to detangling. A gentle clarifying shampoo can be used to remove product build it but only occasionally. Once a month is recommended as these shampoos can increase dryness. There are also detangling shampoos on the market that repair bonds and re moisturise.

Types of shampoos to avoid are those with silicone ingredients and those that are heavily perfumed. Silicones can build up the hair, causing it to become lank and dull over time. Heavily perfumed products can cause irritation to the scalp and face and may also contain large amounts of alcohol that can have a drying effect on the hairs surface.